The app

The R-U-Ontrak app has been designed from the person's perspective.

The app is intended to encourage a holistic approach where the person engages a range of providers across disciplines to achieve their important goal.

The website

At R-U-Ontrak we take the view that a provider can be anyone, eg. a coach, physical therapist, teacher, surgeon, etc.

If your role is to help a person achieve their goal then, to us, you are a provider. The website has been built from a provider's perspective.


When a goal is complete, people will have accumulated a lot of data that is mostly of little value to them.

R-U-Ontrak has a plan for how this data could be used to improve outcomes for others with the same goal.


R-U-Ontrak is focused on outcomes.

A person sets a goal for a good reason and our objective is to help as many people as possible manage the process to achieve their goal.

What is a goal?

Every day, we can have lots of goals, some big and some small, some time dependent and others are outcome based.

Understanding how to set a goal is fundamental to getting the most out of R-U-Ontrak.

We have a view that goals can be a need or a want, but the more a person needs to achieve a goal, the more likely they will want to achieve it.

R-U-Ontrak was designed with motivated goal setters in mind. The person should have a clear time frame, a plan and often a multi-disciplinary team to help achieve their goal.


Use Cases

We have built an app for the person so they can manage their interactions with a range of providers who will work with them to achieve their goals.

Below are some examples of use cases which illustrate how the providers could use the website and the app to engage with the people they work with and other providers in different circumstances.



The combination of the website and the app is designed to work in sub elite sport, club or community sport, pathway programs, school programs and to assist elite athletes who are working independently.

While the platform was designed before COVID-19, it will assist those who are focused on managing the return to sport process at different levels of a sport.

Local Providers

When we designed the platform we also took the perspective of a provider in a local community.

The competitive pressures are significant in many communities and there is a need to demonstrate your capabilities.



Around the world there are a range of programs that aim to assist people who are: cancer survivors; working to prevent disease such as diabetes; undertaking cardiac rehab; managing recovery from a stroke; or are focused on pain management, to name just a few.

The programs typically involve people attending a facility where they work with one or more providers over defined period of time.

The platform was designed with these programs in mind.


For providers and organisations who are operating in the social and community services space and who wish to demonstrate impact, R-U-Ontrak is an important new tool.

The focus on achieving a goal and the activities and planning that contribute to the achievement of that goal are central to the R-U-Ontrak model.



An important driver of people living their best life is research.  Without research we wouldn’t find new ways to treat people, to help people overcome challenges, to improve performance, to develop new products, etc.

While we believe the R-U-Ontrak platform will be an important tool for researchers in that the data set we create will potentially generate new questions, the platform will also be important in helping researchers capture data for their own projects.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

When we set out to build this platform we did so with a mission of helping as many people as possible, around the world, to achieve their important quality of life goals as they seek to live their best achievable life. We have put no limits on the goals that could be created and who can create them, we hope the goals reflect a push for positive outcomes for individuals, and in turn communities.


While a DIY approach to achieving a goal could work for some, for others, engaging with providers in their community could be more effective or for others a hybrid of DIY and provider engagement may also work. We want the platform to be as inclusive as possible and believe in the power of technology to have a positive impact on each and every one of us.

Please contact us to discuss how we can improve the experience and functionality of our platform to be more accessible and inclusive.

Acknowledgement of Country

In the spirit of reconciliation R-U-Ontrak acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

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