Our mission is to help people overcome those events or conditions that are impacting on them living their best life.  That may mean they are recovering from an illness or an injury or may be they just want to improve their skills to play sport at a higher level.

R-U-Ontrak is user centered model that helps a person achieve a goal that needs
to be achieved. 


We believe that holistic and multi-disciplined team approach often works to achieve a goal in a complex area.

We will enable users to connect with individual local providers and multidisciplined groups of local providers.

We will use insights generated from user data to develop tools, including artificial intelligence, to improve the experience of those people pursuing a goal that really matters to them.

In the process we intend to find ways to reward local providers, identify efficiencies for payers, find gaps that can be filled in local healthcare, health and fitness ecosystems, and build R-U-Ontrak into a sustainable

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