An important driver of people living their best life is research.  Without research we wouldn’t find new ways to treat people, to help people overcome challenges, to improve performance, to develop new products, etc.


While we believe the R-U-Ontrak platform will be an important tool for researchers in that the data set we create will potentially generate new questions, the platform will also be important in helping researchers capture data for their own projects.


We are keen to work with researchers who are undertaking projects that are focused on health outcomes in areas like concussion, women’s health, mental health, inequality of opportunity and indigenous health.  


Our expectation is that a person in a research project would have a goal defined as part of the research project and that they will engage with a multi discipline team to achieve that goal.


The platform would enable the researcher to engage, track and communicate with people who participate in research studies and enable them to better understand what people do to achieve a goal in one of these focus areas.

We believe our platform can help a lot of people and if you would like to learn more about how R-U-Ontrak could help your organisation please contact us.

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