When a goal is complete R-U-Ontrak will ask you, the person with the app, if you would share your goal data with us on at least an anonymous basis.

Why would we want to do this? We are seeking to build a large data set that covers a wide range of goals for people across the globe and we expect to apply an AI model to identify areas of further investigation and to find ways to improve the process for the achievement of a goal.

We are not interested in the precise details of what you did at the gym or what you discussed with your doctor. Rather we are interested in seeing the actions you completed across the time it took to complete your goal, ie how often did you go the gym, see your doctor or use a meditation app – and for all of these actions - how did the action make you feel?

We intend to compare the same goals achieved following the same events across suburbs, cities, states/provinces/counties, countries.  We will initially focus on what types of providers were involved and how often and also the use of technology as part of the process to achieve a goal.

Currently much of the data is not recorded or captured in a way that can be meaningfully used to improve processes and outcomes.

R-U-Ontrak wants to change that for the betterment of individuals and communities.

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