Local Providers

We have built R-U-Ontrak to assist providers (clinicians or those who help someone achieve their goal) to engage with their clients and to improve the experience for both the client and the provider.

We understand that you may have existing systems and processes or complementary apps and we do not wish to replace or disrupt these, rather we wish to provide additional tools to enhance your service.

The competitive pressures for local providers are significant in many communities and so there is a need to demonstrate your capabilities in order to build and/or maintain your business and connect with your referrers or clients.

We are advocates of the multi disciplinary care model and believe that the R-U-Ontrak platform can help you work with other providers in your local community to positively impact your common clients and enhance your local reputation.

COVID-19 has presented a range of challenges to local providers and the R-U-Ontrak platform with a focus on communication and engagement can be an important addition to your tool kit.

Please contact us to discuss how you could use R-U-Ontrak platform to benefit your clients and your business.

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