For providers and organisations who are operating in the social and community services space and who wish to demonstrate impact, R-U-Ontrak is an important new tool.

The focus on achieving a goal and the activities and planning that contribute to the achievement of that goal are central to the R-U-Ontrak model.

There is a lot of data produced as someone navigates their path towards their goal and that data, when added to the data of others on a similar path, is expected to be useful as we seek to identify actions and approaches that can have an impact on significant social issues.

The R-U-Ontrak platform is designed for complex environments, particularly where there are multiple providers working to help a person navigate their path to overcome their challenges and where the process may be long and arduous.

R-U-Ontrak will not be for everyone, but the flexibility of R-U-Ontrak will enable providers to determine which people would benefit from using the platform and in particular who would be able to get what they need through the communication mechanisms, the ability to share actions and through the sharing of questionnaires.

We believe our platform can help a lot of people and if you would like to learn more about how R-U-Ontrak could help your organisation please contact us.

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