R-U-Ontrak is aimed at sub elite sport, club or community sport, pathway programs, school programs and elite athletes who are operating away from their club, travelling or are isolated.

The combination of the website and the app have been designed to be used in environments where there are a number of providers involved in the management of the team, ie a coach, a physio, a S&C coach, trainer, team manager, etc. We call this combination the 'coaching team'.

We have no limits on which sport can use the platform or what level of a sport.

Through the platform the coaching team can communicate with each other and the players. The various people involved in managing the team can share actions and submit questions for the players.


How the platform is used would depend on the role, ie a coach would use it differently to the physio, but the flexibility of the system means the coaching team and the players can use it in a way that works best for them.


As we navigate through a world with COVID-19 ever present, the platform will become an important part of not only communication and connection, but also record keeping. Think of the benefits of keeping track of players, being able to send questionnaires, store copies of forms and send group messages - all through one platform.

Please contact us to discuss how you could use R-U-Ontrak to benefit your team, your players and your coaching team.

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